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10 biggest Real Madrid transfer sale mistakes

Real Madrid transfer sale mistakes

Real Madrid transfer sale mistakes – Although Real Madrid won the 14th Champions League in the summer of 2022. And especially, this is also one of the clubs that spend big money on the transfer market. However, along with spending large amounts of money to buy big, famous stars, this team is easy to give up when the players have brief wavers in form.

Here are the 10 worst transfers in Los Vikingos. Let’s follow along!

Top 10 biggest Real Madrid transfer sale mistakes

Real Madrid’s 10 mistakes were selling potential players, including Samuel Eto’o, Claude Makelele, Fernando Morientes, Juan Mata, Arjen Robben, Wesley Sneijder, Angel Di Maria, Keylor Navas, Theo Hernandez, and Achraf Hakimi.

Samuel Eto’o (to Mallorca, 2000)

Samuel Eto'o - Real Madrid transfer sale mistakes

In 1997, Samuel Eto’o joined the youth academy of this team. Los Blancos had no idea this Cameroonian would become one of the nine most promising players in Europe. He was loaned to Leganes. he was allowed to leave for the islanders on a permanent basis for just €4.8m.

But this is not the worst. The worst thing is that Samuel Eto’o would eventually join arch-rivals Barcelona. He has become a key player in helping the Blaugrana emerge once more.


Claude Makelele (to Chelsea, 2003)

Claude Makelele

Claude is one of Real Madrid biggest transfer sale mistakes. Back in 2003, the defensive midfielder position was often underestimated. Therefore, his salary is only a small part of the stars’ salary. He asked for a new agreement to improve the terms and was denied.

Then, Claude Makelele joined the revolution at Chelsea and confirmed his influence in the defensive midfield position.

Fernando Morientes (to Monaco, 2003)

Fernando Morientes - Real Madrid transfer news now

Fernando Morientes always keep good form but somehow he’s still under the shadow of the legendary Raul. After an argument with Vincente del Bosque, Morientes was transferred to Monaco on loan in the summer of 2003.

In the 2003/2004 Champions League qualifiers, Los Vikingos played against Monaco. In this match, Morientes helped Monaco eliminate the opponent by scoring 2 goals in Real Madrid’s net. Obviously, Real Madrid made a terrible mistake in the 2003 summer transfer window.

When returning to Madrid, Morientes could not integrate back into the team squad. He then moved to Liverpool permanently. In his new home, the player showed his talent by scoring 100 goals in 272 games. This is the most remarkable achievement in his career.

Juan Mata (to Valencia, 2007)

Juan Mata

Los Vikingos is well-known as a club that makes football stars by letting them go. Juan Manta is a typical example who spent four years developing Madrid’s youth system. But then, this team let him leave on a free transfer to Valencia. Real Madrid’s mistake was immediately proven again. Manta became a key player in his new club and made his Spain debut just over a year later.

He then played at Chelsea and Man Utd. These are all teams that há to pay a huge fee to get him.

Arjen Robben (to Bayern, 2009)

Arjen Robben

Unlike the above players, Robben was an important player at Real Madrid before moving to Bayern. The Whites decided to let him go to purchase other talented players such as Ronaldo, Kaka, and Benzema …

At Bayern Munich, Robben won everything in Germany and Europe. The Dutchman has become the most outstanding winger in the history of Bayern for the past 20 years.

Wesley Sneijder (to Inter, 2009)

Wesley Sneijder - biggest transfer mistakes by Real Madrid

Like Robben, the Whites transferred Wesley Sneijder to Inter to get new talent. However, Sneijder’s departure was even more regrettable than Robben’s when at his new club, he became a key player and helped Inter win the Champions League cup.

Angel Di Maria (to Man Utd, 2014)

Angel Di Maria

Di Maria played a key role when Real Madrid won La Decima in the 2013-14 season. The Argentinian played brought many great victories for the team when he switched from a winger position to an attacking central midfielder.

However, The Whites still decided to sell this player to Man Utd for 60 million euros in 2014. Di Maria failed to prove his worth at Old Trafford but excelled at PSG. He is currently playing for Juventus.

Keylor Navas (to PSG, 2019)

 Keylor Navas - biggest transfer sale mistakes of Read Madrid

Keylor was an outstanding goalkeeper during his two years at PSG. But according to some sources, Real Madrid sold Real Madrid to get Thibaut Courtois after the keeper helped the club win 3 consecutive Champions League titles.

However, Courtois’ bad start proves that Navas is one of the Real Madrid transfer sale mistakes.

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Theo Hernandez (to AC Milan, 2019)

Theo Hernandez

Theo may not be the best at left-back, but he is a potential player. In 2019, Paolo Maldini convinced the French defender to join Milan for a transfer fee of 20 million euros. In the next year, his value tripled.

Achraf Hakimi (to Inter Milan, 2020)

Achraf Hakimi - Real Madrid transfer done deal

After moving to Inter from Real Madrid for 40 million euros, Hakimi proved himself as the best right-back in the world just after a year at the new club. The Moroccan player has joined Jadon Sancho in creating a string of superb displays on the right wing during his two-year loan spell at Dortmund.

Obviously, The Whites could have had two of the best full-backs if they did not make the wrong decisions with Achraf Hakimi and Theo Hernandez.

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Above are the 10 biggest Real Madrid transfer sale mistakes. To keep up to date with the latest transfer news, follow the Football Transfer Fees topic page.

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