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De Jong transfer fee to Chelsea and Barca’s related news

De Jong transfer fee to Chelsea

De Jong’s future is still a hot topic in current European football. Mundo Deportivo said that if he leaves the Catalan club. This player will be prioritized in a club that has a place in the 2022/23 Champions League. This helps Chelsea hold an advantage over Man United. Let’s see how much the De Jong transfer fee to Chelsea is if this comes true.

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De Jong’s situation at Barca

Recently, Barca leaders sent Frenkie de Jong a request to cancel the player’s current contract. When the Dutch midfielder signed a contract extension, Barca accused the parties involved, including the player himself and the previous management group led by Josep Maria Bartomeu, of breaching the rules. 

His contract was extended by previous Barca president Bartomeu two years prior, keeping the midfielder on the team through June 2026. The above agreement means Barca will reduce De Jong’s income by 18 million euros for the two seasons 2020/21 and 2021/22.

But beginning with the 2022–23 season, Barca will start paying this player 18 million euros, along with approximately 3 million in royalty payments. The next year, when he collected a total of 27.7 million euros in pay and bonuses, it was even more “awful”. The Dutch star is expected to receive about 88.58 million euros in the last four years of his current contract. This is a figure that worries Barca’s current team. If he leaves Barca this summer, he will not get any opportunities to receive the above 18 million euros.

The current Barca leadership said they found evidence of fraud and violations of the law by the parties involved, in extending the contract with the player. The Camp Nou team wants to cancel the current contract with the Dutch midfielder, to return to the contract like when the new player arrived at the club. If he does not agree with the above proposal, he and his agent could face legal trouble, when Barca takes the case to court.

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Chelsea ready to sign Frenkie de Jong

Chelsea joins in the race to win De Jong from Barca

De Jong transfer fee to Chelsea

Just a few days ago, only MU joined in the race to get the signature of De Jong. However, Chelsea jumped into negotiations a few days ago and they are ready to sign Frenkie de Jong as well as determined to close the deal this week.

It is known that from July 2022, MU and Barca got an agreement on the fee to recruit him. However, the Dutch midfielder made a refusal to join Old Trafford.

Chelsea’s advantage is that they can provide him with the opportunity to roam freely in the Champions League playground. While Man United only plays in the Europa League this season.

In the next 24 hours, Chelsea owner Todd Boehly will continue to call to convince De Jong to join Chelsea; with the promise of an extremely attractive De Jong transfer fee to Chelsea.

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Latest update on De Jong’s transfer fee to Chelsea

Negotiations between Barca and Chelsea on this midfielder case have made good progress in recent years. Sport reported that Chelsea is willing to pay De Jong a transfer fee to Chelsea of 80 million euros, a transfer fee enough to satisfy the Catalan club. The leadership of Barcelona is said to have reached a preliminary agreement with both MU and Chelsea this summer.

It’s not a problem for the two British representatives that the transfer fee Barca required. The key thing is the agreement of the player. He is still tough on Barca. He has disagreed with a request for a salary reduction from the team’s leadership and believes that he is the victim of a “smear” campaign from the Catalan media.

However, recently, according to information from Sport, Chelsea and Barcelona have reached an agreement for a De Jong transfer fee to Chelsea of 67.6 million pounds, in the context of the Catalan team being determined to push him out of the Nou Camp.

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The replacement plan for Barca if De Jong leaves

According to transfer expert David Ornstein of The Athletic, the “Red Devils” are considering recruiting Adrien Rabiot. The French midfielder has only one year left on his contract with Juventus. He is constantly looking for a new destination this summer. Juventus is ready to let Rabiot leave for 15 million euros.

Man Utd’s move came after the Frenkie de Jong deal fell into a stalemate. After nearly 3 months of pursuit, the Old Trafford team has not been able to recruit the Dutch midfielder. The fact that he wants to continue playing in the Champions League is a big obstacle for Man Utd.

With Rabiot, MU’s possibility of success is greater. Rabiot’s position is at stake as Juventus brings back Paul Pogba as a free agent. Accordingly, the former PSG star wants to find the opportunity to play regularly at the new club, thereby keeping his position on the French national team for the World Cup taking place in November.

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