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Top 10 of the Liverpool most expensive signings in history

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With excellent play and ingenious coaching, Liverpool is now a name that many other clubs are afraid of in the English Premier League. Here are the top 7 Liverpool most expensive signings in transfer history, read on.

Top 10 of the Liverpool most expensive signings

Virgil van Dijk

Virgil van Dijk - Liverpool most expensive signings

Dutch center-back Virgil Van Dijk joined Liverpool for £75m from Southampton in January 2018. He has established himself as one of the best defenders of this generation. Van Dijk has played 129 Premier League matches for the Merseyside side and has never lost a game at Anfield.

He has won six titles with Liverpool and the 2018/19 Premier League Player of the Year award and has been included in the PFA Premier League Team of the Year on three separate occasions. 


most expensive LFC player

As one of Liverpool most expensive signings, Alisson joined Liverpool from AS Roma for a £67 million fee.

However, the goalkeeper has proven his worth and is now considered one of the best in the world. He played 136 Premier League games, keeping a clean sheet in those 64 games. Alison has also scored one goal and two assists for Liverpool.

The 29-year-old striker has won the Premier League Golden Glove twice and was also named the 2019 FIFA Best Goalkeeper. He was included in the PFA Team of the Year for the 2021/22 season.

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Naby Keita

Nabi Keita - Liverpool most expensive signings

A Liverpool record signing in the summer of 2018, it’s Naby Keita from RB Leipzig for £52.75m. However, the Guinea international is one of the rare and the Liverpool most expensive signings that do not meet Klopp’s requirements. He has struggled with injuries since arriving at Anfield four years ago. Keita played just 76 league games, scoring seven goals.

From the 2020/21 season, Keita has a more starting position due to the loss of personnel in Liverpool’s midfield for many reasons. Overall, Keita is a shuttle midfield model that fits the style of play that coach Jurgen Klopp applies at Liverpool. His problems are stability and injuries.


who is liverpool's most expensive signing

In the summer of 2018, just two days after losing to Real Madrid in the Champions League final, Liverpool dispelled sadness with a quality contract – when they brought in Fabinho for 45 million euros. Having to compete with many rivals in the Premier League, Liverpool soon closed the deal, with only 2 hours from the time of asking to buy until the contract was completed.

Like Naby Keita, Fabinho’s first season had great difficulty adjusting to the new environment. However, he also proved his ability in the anchor position and is expected to play explosively in the following seasons.

Luis Diaz

LFC record transfer fee

Next on the list of Liverpool most expensive signings is Luis Diaz, who is Liverpool’s latest signing, joining in early 2022 from Porto for a transfer value of 45 million euros. However, the Colombian player quickly integrated as if he had played for the Anfield team for many years.

After the first 21 matches, Diaz has 5 goals, and 3 assists and it is important that he combines very well with his teammates. The presence of Diaz creates competition for Liverpool’s attack, at the time of Salah, Mane has not renewed his contract.

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Diogo Jota

liverpool transfer records

At one point in the 2021/22 season, Jota was the second-highest scorer in the Premier League, behind only Mohamed Salah. Moving to Liverpool in 2020 from Wolverhampton for 44.7 million euros, the Portuguese has competed directly with Roberto Firmino in the central position. He can even replace Mane or Salah on the flanks.

Bodybuilding, speed, and ability to use effects are not impressive, but Jota chooses the position very wisely. When Luis Diaz showed up at Anfield, his position was at stake.

Mohamed Salah

LFC record transfers

For 42 million euros, one of Liverpool most expensive signings, Mohamed Salah joined Liverpool in the summer of 2017, after a long negotiation. It is known that Salah is the name that The Kop has long pursued, but was previously surpassed by Chelsea in 2014. Notably, it was also an unsuccessful period in this player’s career.

Returning to the Premier League for the second time with experience from the past; Salah proved his full potential and immediately broke a series of scoring records. Taking Liverpool to two consecutive Champions League finals, Salah deserves the title of King of Egypt and is becoming the leader of the Port City team.

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Sadio Mane

liverpool biggest transfers

The Senegal player was brought to Anfield from Southampton in 2016. The transfer price at that time was 41.2 million euros. Here, he quickly became the club’s main goalscorer. After 265 appearances for Liverpool, Mane has 118 goals and 47 assists.

Mane’s contract expires in 2023. There are constant rumors that the striker will leave Liverpool, but he is still devoted to the Anfield team at the moment.

Roberto Firmino

liverpool's most expensive signings

Firmino is said to be an alternative when Liverpool cannot compete with Alexis Sanchez at Arsenal. Not a top goalscorer, the Brazilian striker was suspected for many years although the price was not too low at that time – 41 million euros.

However, under the guidance of coach Jurgen Klopp, Firmino has promoted his ability very well in the role of a new type of striker; not focusing on scoring but being appreciated for his ability to contribute to the game. . After 323 matches for The Kop, Firmino has scored 98 goals and provided 73 assists.

Andy Carroll

Andy Carroll - Liverpool most expensive signings

Emerging in the Newcastle shirt when helping the club to be promoted, Andy Carroll continued to impress the whole country with a record of 11 goals and 7 assists after the first leg of the 2010/11 season. Therefore, to find a replacement for Fernando Torres to join Chelsea, The Kop spent 41 million euros to recruit the 1m93 tall striker.

But injuries, transfer pressure, as well as a strong play that did not match Liverpool’s technical style made Carroll a failed signing. After only 18 months, he was sent to West Ham on loan and then sold out for only £ 15 million.

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