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Navas transfer fee & news: Veteran goalkeeper of PSG

Navas transfer fee & news

Navas transfer fee: Paris Saint-Germain has officially announced the final contract for the summer transfer season 2019/20 season. The gatekeeper said farewell to Real Madrid to come to a new stage. Follow the latest post to upload his transfer news, transfer fees, and the new contract for his future recruitment.

General introduction about Keylor Navas

General introduction about Keylor Navas

Are you curious about Keylor Navas, the character who once emerged from the transfer news of PSG? Currently, this player becomes one of the pride in the outstanding warriors of the club. 

For more information, follow the general information about him below

Full name Keylor Antonio Navas Gamboa
Date of birth December 15, 1986
Age 35 years (as of December 2021)
Nationality Costa Rican
Height in centimeters 185
Weight in kilograms 78
Current team Paris Saint-Germain ( PSG)
Position Goalkeeper


Through the information on the board, goalkeeper Navas in the PSG’s transfer news has fully named Keylor Antonio Navas Gamboa. He was born and raised in the land of San Jose, Costa Rica with his family. Keylor Navas has a journey with the ups and downs of his career. Despite his woes at his old club La Liga power Real Madrid, the player born in 1986 also went above and beyond to achieve 3 consecutive Champions League titles on the pitch. 

Currently, at the age of 35, the player has been with PSG until the 4th season. Honestly, Navas received high expectations from his transfer news in 2019 which made him dedicate himself and demonstrated ability through remarkable accomplishments. More and more, the level and experience of Keylor Navas are appreciated by PSG in the history of goalkeepers of the time of the “Owners” of Qatar. Navas inspires the great effort and skill of a “guardian” to PSG fans.

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Navas transfer fee & news

Transfer from Real Madrid to PSG 2019/20 (£13.50M)


When it comes to PSG’s achievements in the final of the 2019/20 season and the semi-finals of the 2020/21 season, we can’t help but mention Keylor Navas. He has been a goalkeeper with the Paris team since 2019 with a 4-year contract. The popularity of Navas in transfer fees and news has been greatly appreciated after his outstanding dedication to winning the historic Champions League with Real Madrid. Up to now, the Navas player has been with the reigning Ligue 1 champion for a long time and has had many notable events. He competed with enthusiasm to deserve the transfer fee of £13.5M.

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Navas rumor transfer news


Throughout his period at PSG, Keylor Navas is a famous name in the transfer news. Most recently, under the PSG’s new coach, he was faced with major playing opportunities. According to an official source, the club considers a fixed goalkeeper instead of rotating continuously. Therefore, they have considered reducing the opportunity for Keylor in the second year of the transfer contract. The situation of the Costa Rican goalkeeper could be more shaken than Gianluigi Donnarumma at PSG at that time.

From another perspective in 2021, PSG officially announced after a period of careful consideration about extending the contract with Navas. Of course, his time at the club will continue until the summer of 2024. This is said to be a wise decision by the club as the 35-year-old goalkeeper is well-suited to keeping the wall firmly in place during the main journey to win the championship on the most prestigious grass field in Europe.

This 12-month contract extension is considered worthy of the praise of PSG for the talent of “guardian” Navas. Last season, he performed brilliantly with 19 clean sheets in 33 games in which he appeared.

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Navas transfer fee history

Before joining PSG, goalkeeper Navas played for 4 clubs, including Saprissa (2005-2010), Albacete (2010-2012), Levante on loan, and officially from the year (2011-2014), the last Real Madrid (2014-2019). 

Let’s take a look at his transfer fee and news from the different stages in his journey’s historical career. Check out the details here!

Navas transfer fee history

The reason why Navas has been very advanced in his football career. This is reflected in the transfer fees from loan fees to £13.50M. It is a shame that the player representing Costa Rica won 2 CONCACAF Gold Cups and the 2014 and 2018 editions of the FIFA World Cup.



In July 2010, Navas joined Albacete Balompié of Spain’s Segunda División. During his stint, he appeared in a total of 36/42 matches. Unfortunately, at that time the club he was playing for fell seriously. 

Levante – Loan fee: £135 Th

Levante - Loan fee: £135 Th

Coming to a new stage at the Levante club, Navas fell in love with 2 stages, (2011–2012) and (2012–2014). The Costa Rican goalkeeper entered the first phase on loan with a transfer fee of £135Th. Besides, the second time, he also received the same level of recruitment from the team with a three-year contract. At that time, the reputation of Navas did not receive the attention of fans. He settled in as a reserve goalkeeper for Gustavo Muna but the 2013/14 season was his prime. Navas was allowed to become Levante’s first-choice goalkeeper and received the League’s best goalkeeper award.


Real Madrid – £9M


Following that time in 2014, Navas spent five years at Real Madrid with a transfer fee of £9M. The talented goalkeeper did not take long to prove his number-one position in the Real Madrid goal. With good form and enthusiasm on the pitch, he played an important role in Real Madrid’s three consecutive Champions League victories.

The out log about Navas transfer fee and the news above have partly shown the reception from fans in his career journey. If you are interested in the other interesting contract then follow us at Transfer in football.

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