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Nico Schlotterbeck transfer fee & news: Dortmund’s defense rookie

Nico Schlotterbeck transfer fee

Nico Schlotterbeck transfer fee: The German center-back started a new journey at Dortmund in the season of 2022/23. He was part of the backline at Signal Iduna Park. Follow the post below to know more about transfer news, fee history, and more.

General introduction about Nico Schlotterbeck

General introduction about Nico Schlotterbeck

Throughout Nico Schlotterbeck’s young to senior career journey, the rookie of the Dortmund club featured in the club’s recent transfer season news made many impressions. He represents the young German player who plays in the central defender position. 

So who is this talented player? Let’s find out about his information below

Full name Nico Schlotterbeck
Date of birth 1 December 1999
Age 22 years (as of December 2021)
Nationality Germany
Height in centimeters 191
Weight in kilograms 86
Current team Borussia Dortmund
Position Centre-Back

Nico Schlotterbeck has a childhood with his family in the land of Waiblingen, Germany. The central defender is the youngest child in the family and before him is an older brother who loves him very much. Perhaps, brother Keven was the first teammate in this talented midfielder’s football career. Most of the time they were playing football together and the dream of a future, a title, and more than that, a coveted transfer fee was incubated here.

Honestly, Schlotterbeck possesses a relatively proportional height and weight at 22 years of age. This means that he takes great care of his appearance through a good exercise regime. In this era, the young rookie is becoming an outstanding name not only in good looks but also in his playing skills. Center-back Schlotterbeck is highly appreciated for his ability to handle aerial duels. Nico Schlotterbeck transfer news is also currently a hot topic this season.

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Nico Schlotterbeck transfer fee & news

From Freiburg to Dortmund (£18M) 

Nico Schlotterbeck transfer fee & news

In the 2022/23 season, Dortmund is also starting in the transfer market with notable goals. In addition to names like Sebastien Haller in the striker position, Nico Schlotterbeck’s transfer news is equally hot. Meaning that the German international central defender will enter the final year of his contract with the Freiburg club. He has officially become a new player in the Borussia Dortmund club squad from Bundesliga rivals Freiburg. He has a five-year contract with a fee of £18M to recruit young talent from the club. Coming to the black-gold team next season, the 22-year-old central defender is expected to do well in the plan to compete for the title in the tough tournaments in 2022/23.

Nico Schlotterbeck improves his playing in his country. Besides that, he is the second new addition to BVB’s central defense due to his impressive performance. Specifically, the talented player was at SC Freiburg with 53 appearances in his youth career and 18 appearances for Union Berlin during his loan spell in the 2020/21 season.

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Schlotterbeck’s transfer news rumor

Schlotterbeck’s transfer news rumor

Standing in front of the towering deals of the “Boss” in the field of the season 2022/23. Nico Schlotterbeck is not only a young player anymore but he is also an outstanding player with the advantage of being in the sights of clubs. In the past summer, the young player was sought after by two English teams Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur with a valuable recruitment level. 

Moreover, besides Borussia Dortmund, a veteran club like Bayern Munich is also not afraid to compete for the signature of Nico. Despite this, in front of a higher transfer fee, Nico finally refused an offer from “Bavarian Gray Lobster-Bayern” to come to BVB.

Sports director Michael Zorc mentioned Nico Schlotterbeck’s transfer news: “Nico is a young German player who has had tremendous growth. His profile is perfect for BVB.

Nico Schlotterbeck transfer fee history

Here are the detailed specs for Nico Schlotterbeck’s transfer fee history, stay tuned!

Nico Schlotterbeck transfer fee history

Nurtured by his family’s footballing tradition, central defender Nico is the grandson of the legendary Niels Schlotterbeck Freiburg and his brother Keven is one of the expert footballers who Oustanding played in the football era.

At the beginning of Schlotterbeck’s career journey, the German midfielder has gradually affirmed his efforts through the stages of his youth career: VfR Aalen, Karlsruhe, S. Kickers Yth, Weinstadt Yth to a senior career with the first transfer fee in SC Freiburg was £81Th. This is a piece of baggage that helps him to catch the eye of Dortmund with higher honor than ever before. 

SC Freiburg (2017-2021) – £81Th

SC Freiburg (2017-2021) - £81Th

The German center-back officially joined Freiburg in the summer of 2017 from Baden-Württembergs Karlsruhe. This time Nico Schlotterbeck transfer news has nothing special with £81Th. But during his debut campaign in 2018/19, Nico lifted the U19 DFB Cup. The next time, the young player had 13 more appearances as a substitute. Nico’s comeback of him to the club has more mature. He become the main key center-back and contributed to the team’s claim of third place at the end of the 2021/22 Hinrunde.

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Union Berlin (2020-2021) – loan

Union Berlin (2020-2021) - loan transfer

Following that journey, the 2020/2021 season officially opens up a new opportunity for Nico to demonstrate his talent. He was transferred to Union Berlin on loan to play for the senior match. The 22-year-old midfielder’s performance is at its peak and this will certainly be a good sign for him to develop in the coming stages.

Overall, the article provides a detailed overview of Nico Schlotterbeck transfer fees and history news. If you are interested in this player or other signings of talented players, follow us at Transfer in football.

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