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Ronaldo transfer Atletico Madrid: Is it possible?

Ronaldo transfer Atletico Madrid Is it possible?

Standing in an unsatisfactory ranking, Manchester United is having trouble renovating the squad and playing style. In addition, the Ronaldo incident also caused quite a headache for the managers. There is news that most likely, he will go to Atletico Madrid. Whether this rumor of Ronaldo transfer Atletico Madrid is true, let’s find out through the article below.

How has Ronaldo been at Manchester United recently?

Badly performed in the latest competitions

Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be quite lonely at Man United and the 37-year-old Portuguese superstar is searching for the last opportunity to leave the Old Trafford team at the end of the 2022 summer transfer window. Atletico is considered the only strategist who wishes to have CR7’s services and he is pushing this deal into reality.

After a period of refusing to play the leadership ball to put pressure on leaving, Ronaldo has now returned to play for Man United. However, after 2 rounds of Premier League 2022-2023, Ronaldo could not assist the “Red Devils” to achieve the first score and the team ranked at the bottom of the level table. This is also MU’s worst performance in the last 30 years.

After the match against Brentford in the second round of the Premier League last weekend ended, Ronaldo went straight into the tunnel, not greeting fans or shaking Ten Hag’s hand like many teammates. After two defeats by MU in the Premier League 2022/23, the 37-year-old striker seems to have no motivation to continue sticking with Old Trafford.

Other players:

His statement to expose the truth

Besides, Ronaldo also vowed to reveal the whole truth about his future at Manchester United. Ronaldo angrily said there was too much negative information lying from the media and insisted he knew it all. The international media has always asserted that the Portuguese captain is still doing everything to ensure his departure from Old Trafford when only two weeks are left before the summer transfer market closes.

In the latest statement posted on Instagram on August 16, international time, 6 days before the confrontation between MU and Liverpool, Cristiano Ronaldo stated firmly: “They will know the truth in the interview in a few weeks. The media is telling lies.

TV presenter, journalist, and close friend of Ronaldo, Piers Morgan also responded to Ronaldo’s post on Instagram.

Piers Morgan commented: “As someone who has been talking to Cristiano Ronaldo all this time, I would like to say that Ronaldo is very generous in saying 5, there has been so much incorrect and disrespectful rubbish that he has written and talked about Ronaldo this year.”

Update the latest news of Ronaldo transfer Atletico Madrid gossip

The possibility of a transfer contract to Atletico Madrid

Ronaldo transfer Atletico Madrid gossip

Experts believe that the contract of Ronaldo transfer Atletico Madrid will be successful because Man United is also interested in Brazilian star Matheus Cunha and is willing to spend £ 45 million to get his services in the new season. Besides, coach Diego Simeone only uses this 23-year-old striker as a backup plan for Atletico’s attack. In the context that the Red Devils have not brought in a striker in the summer transfer window, plus Martial’s injury, Cunha suddenly becomes an extremely reasonable addition.

Ronaldo transfer Atletico Madrid rumor

According to The Times, Atletico will be ready to make an offer for Man United to help them solve the difficult problem they are facing. Specifically, Atletico Madrid is ready to swap star Antoine Griezmann or striker Alvaro Morata in exchange for Cristiano Ronaldo. This year, Coach Simeone’s squad will compete in the Champions League, and the Argentinean tactician thinks that Cristiano Ronaldo’s wisdom and poise are crucial to the success of his squad. On the side of Ten Hag, this offer will indeed help him solve the problem of the lack of an excellent striker in the squad as well as handle the “Ronaldo problem”.


Protests from fans if CR7 comes to Atletico Madrid

And yet, of course, the story of Ronaldo transfer Atletico Madrid will certainly still encounter “obstruction” from the fans of this team. A group of Atletico Madrid fans has asked the club to drop its intention to sign Cristiano Ronaldo because he does not fit the team’s values. Diego Simeone, the team’s coach, is thrilled to have a superstar like Ronaldo on the roster, though. 

Some fans choose to boycott the band not just verbally but also by using the hashtag #ContraCR7, which is Spanish for “against CR7”. Many fans posted pictures of Ronaldo with a red circle and a slash across his face. Others posted pictures of Ronaldo in the form of a ball being hit back and forth on the table by Bayern and Chelsea.

In addition, after a disappointing start to the new season, the MU leadership also aggressively recruited troops to improve their performance as well as replace Ronaldo if this superstar had to leave. Manchester United is also targeting striker Raul De Tomas and is in talks with the Espanyol club. The Spaniard scored 17 goals in 34 La Liga appearances last season and is worth between £21m and £25m.

In conclusion, the rumor of Ronaldo transfer Atletico Madrid hasn’t ended. Let’s follow our website transfer in football to update more on this and other latest football news.

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