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Ronaldo transfer to Dortmund rumor: Can this truly happen?

Ronaldo transfer to Borussia Dortmund

In the past few days, besides completing the transfer and closing the squad for the new season, football fans were also surprised by the rumor that Ronaldo left Man United to play for Dortmund. So far, the fact has not been officially announced, but the following updates will give you a more specific look at the Ronaldo transfer to Dortmund rumor.


How the situation in Manchester United with the rumor Ronaldo transfer to Dortmund

Ronaldo in Man United

The plan doesn’t go as expected

Recently, British media reported that Cristiano Ronaldo had informed Man United of his desire to leave. Apart from the fact that he wants to play in the Champions League, the Portuguese star is not convinced by Man United’s future plans.

When he returned last summer, Ronaldo was committed to the future of the team, after the team had just won runner-up. However, last season, not only could not compete for the championship, Man United also failed to enter the top 4. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when Ronaldo was disappointed.

He also expects the team to buy more blockbusters so that he can return to the Champions League and race for the championship with Man City, but he is not seeing that. Ronaldo is skeptical about the way Man United transfers and cannot be satisfied. What Ronaldo is doing is completely true to the way people still see him, a person who puts ego first and is more important to individual achievements than the club.

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The intention of leaving Man United and Ronaldo transfer to Dortmund

Ronaldo transfer to Dortmund rumor

Recently, Cristiano Ronaldo did not attend MU’s tour in Thailand and Australia, he also refused to return to Old Trafford to train for family reasons. Recently, CR7 and his representative returned to England to discuss the future with Manchester United.

However, the “Red Devils” club still favors CR7. Before and after, the new coach Ten Hag still appreciates Ronaldo’s value and confirms his desire to keep him. This is a remarkable tribute to an extremely strict and disciplined strategist. Ronaldo is still receiving special treatment, but if this situation lasts, surely no one will be “king” at Old Trafford anymore.

Ronaldo’s latest situation is said that there will be no change for Cristiano Ronaldo’s situation. Man Utd insists he is not for sale, while Cristiano has told Ten Hag in the last 24 hours that he still wants to leave.

Can Borussia Dortmund be a hopeful destination for Ronaldo?

It is pointed out that there are many reasons that Dortmund can be a suitable destination in the context of Ronaldo being rejected by a series of teams.

The demand for a new face to improve the team

Dortmund needed a new striker after rookie Sebastien Haller – who was chosen to replace Erling Haaland – had to retire. This striker arrived at Signal Iduna Park this summer but took a long-term break. He was diagnosed with a testicular tumor and had to undergo surgery to remove it. The representative of the Bundesliga targeted Ronaldo to upgrade the attack.

This team can completely satisfy Ronaldo’s desire to play in the Champions League. The black and yellow shirt team is very competitive. They have many talented young players combined with experienced veterans, most notably Marco Reus.

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Opportunity for the big tournaments

The Ruhr team is eligible to participate in the Champions League, the element that the player born in 1985 wants. Ronaldo has the opportunity to achieve high performance in German football, as well as further improve his scoring record in the Champions League arena.

The challenge in another tournament, in the top 5 in Europe, is the motivation for the former Juventus star. Compared to Sporting Lisbon in the Portuguese league, the Bundesliga is still at a higher level. This summer, German football lost two big names, Robert Lewandowski and Erling Haaland. However, the appearance of Ronaldo is enough to fill the void left by both.

The Bundesliga promises to become more attractive. Bayern Munich last season won the league for the 10th time in a row. They lack competition despite Dortmund’s efforts to close the gap. Ronaldo can make a difference. In a tournament that is not too harsh, Ronaldo can maintain a high level of performance. Dortmund was then ready to challenge Bayern.

Ronaldo’s acceptance of a salary reduction is one of the reasons why Dortmund has the right to hope in owning the Portuguese player. With his experience and talent, the 37-year-old will certainly help the Ruhr team increase their ability to compete for titles next season.

Standing between two options, the place that allows him to play as he wants. And one that always gives special respect and appreciation to his talent, what will be the choice of Christiano Ronaldo? Please let us update more information about Ronaldo transfer to Dortmund on the website transfer fee in football.


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