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Man Utd transfer news 2022: There are many things that Manchester United has to do in preparation for the new season. Among them are the new signings as well as the farewell of some players who are no longer suitable. For more details, follow the below article.

Introduction about Manchester United


Manchester United Football Club, also known as MU, Man Utd… is a professional football club playing in the English Premier League – the top league in the English football system. Manchester United was first founded in 1878 as Newton Heath LYR Football Club, then in 1902 changed to Manchester United and moved to Old Trafford stadium in 1910 to present.


As one of the most successful clubs in England, Man Utd is holding a record 20 times English football championships, won 12 FA Cups, 5 League Cups, and the record of 21 times winning the English Super Cup. The achievement is really considerable with 3 European Championships, 1 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, 1 UEFA Europa League, 1 European Super Cup, 1 Intercontinental Cup, and 1 FIFA Club World Cup. In the 1998–99 season, Manchester United became the first and only English team to win the treble in a single season, which included the Premier League, FA Cup, and UEFA Champions League titles.

Manchester United is one of the most popular football clubs in the world, with the highest average attendance in Europe. The club says the team’s worldwide fan base includes more than 200 clubs officially recognized by the Manchester United Supporters Club (MUSC), in at least 24 countries. The club benefits from a worldwide fan base through summer tours.

List of Man Utd players up to now

As per the updated Man Utd transfer news, below are the currently-confirmed players. The changes totally can happen if needed.

Number Player Number Player
Goalkeeper Midfielder
1 David de Gea 39 Scott McTominay
22 Tom Heaton 18
Matej Kovár
34 Donny van der Beek
Martin Dúbravka
17 Fred
Defender 8 Bruno Fernandes
19 Raphael Varane 14 Christian Eriksen
5 Harry Maguire 49
Alejandro Garnacho
6 Lisandro Martinez 28
Facundo Pellistri
2 Victor Lindelof Forward
38 Axel Tuanzebe 25 Jadon Sancho
4 Phil Jones 10 Marcus Rashford
43 Teden Mengi 75 Anthony Elanga
23 Luke Shaw 47 Shola Shoretire
27 Alex Telles  9 Anthony Martial
12 Tyrell Malacia 21 Antony
33 Brandon Williams
29 Aaron Wan-Bissaka
20 Diogo Dalot

Update latest Man Utd transfer news

Overview of Man United transfer news today

man utd transfer news

The difficulty for the Dutch strategist, like what Tuchel is facing, is that the current squad is a collection of players presented by five different coaches. Therefore, uniformity will hardly appear. It took Ten Hag at least 3 years to be able to restructure the number of personnel to his liking.

MU’s targets could be an elite midfielder, a dynamic central midfielder, a high-quality striker, a commanding and commanding central defender who can comfortably defend in large spaces, a new full-back, and another attacking player as a backup for Jadon Sancho.

The Man Utd’s latest transfer contracts

Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen joined the Old Trafford club for free after his contract with Brentford expired. Eriksen became MU’s second rookie in the summer transfer window of 2022.

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Frenkie de Jong is the name and number 1 target according to the Man United transfer news in the early days of the market opening. De Jong is a former student of Coach Ten Hag, and the two teachers still maintain a good relationship. And recently, the images of two teachers and students calling each other have been confirmed. Barca’s current financial situation is very difficult, they will be forced to sell De Jong. In recent days, the two clubs are negotiating to find a common voice. It can be said that De Jong is very close to MU, he will become a conductor if he arrives at Old Trafford.

For the rest of the summer market this year, MU will do everything to bring Frenkie De Jong to Old Trafford. In addition, the “Red Devils” also targeted Antony, but this deal was deadlocked when Ajax shouted the price of the Brazilian winger up to 80 million euros.

As per the Man Utd latest transfer news, this club is about to complete the purchase of Matheus Cunha. The Red Devils will pay around 50 million euros to get the Brazilian from Atletico Madrid.

Cunha previously played for Hertha Berlin and RB Leipzig before moving to Atletico in 2021. He can play as a striker or an attacking midfielder.

Man Utd transfer out 2022

Besides the new signings for this summer, the Man Utd transfer news also reveals that Erik ten Hag has changed his stance on Cristiano Ronaldo and is now ready to part ways with the 37-year-old superstar. According to The Times, Ten Hag was not satisfied with Ronaldo’s attitude. Rumor has it that he was cranky at practice. Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone is keen to work with Ronaldo. This club is currently using players like Alvaro Morata or Antoine Griezmann to invite MU.

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MU also parted with quite a few players such as Nemanja Matic, Paul Pogba, Juan Mata, Lee Grant, Jesse Lingard, Edinson Cavani (contract expired), Dean Henderson (loaned to Nottingham Forest), and Andreas Pereira (sold). for Fulham for £13 million). In addition, Man Utd also seeks to liquidate Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Phil Jones, Eric Bailly, and Axel Tuanzebe. These players are said to be not in Coach Ten Hag’s plans for the new season.

Man Utd transfer rumor 2023

Manchester United will be desperate to sign new players this winter in an effort to enhance their roster. The Red Devils have improved under Erik ten Hag, moving up to fourth in the Premier League standings. By the end of the season, they’ll want to guarantee their return to the Champions League.

As soon as the transfer window opened, Newcastle called back goalkeeper Martin Dubravka from Old Trafford, dealing a severe blow to United. And the former England shot-stopper Jack Butland is now a target for the 13-time Premier League champions.

After Cristiano Ronaldo left in November, the Red Devils are also looking for offensive reinforcements. Additionally, they have been linked to a loan deal for Joao Felix, a striker for Atletico Madrid. But for his club to maintain its upward trend throughout the second half of the season, Ten Hag must choose which individuals he targets most.

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