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Vitinha transfer fee & news: Young ambitious midfielder joins PSG

Vitinha transfer fee

Vitinha transfer fee: the signing of Paris Saint-Germain officially succeeded when Porto’s talented midfielder Vitinha found a common voice for 40 million euros. Stay tuned for the latest upload below article on his transfer news, fees, and more.

General introduction about Vitinha


Starting with the relevant news about Vitinha, personal information, as well as an overview of him.

Here are some specifics about Paris Saint-Germain’s new rookie

Full name Vítor Machado Ferreira
Date of birth 13 February 2000
Age 22 years (as of February 2022)
Nationality Portuguese
Height in centimeters 172
Weight in kilograms 64
Current team Paris Saint-Germain ( PSG)
Position Midfielder

Through data as well as accurate information about Vitinha. Reportedly, the young player’s full name is Vítor Machado Ferreira. Vitinha is a short nickname that is used more often of him. The midfielder was brought up in a cultural family environment and his football dreams were also supported by his family. At the moment, he is playing in the midfielder position in  PSG’s squad. Currently, Vitinha has turned 22 years old, the age of ambitions. 

Besides, he is also known in the recent summer with the above mentions such as Vitinha transfer news and hot Vitinha transfer fee! The Portuguese player started playing soccer during his childhood. He has the advantage of passing, dribbling, and mastering the area of a winger and center. Despite being modest in appearance with a height of 1.72m, Vitinha is quite determined on the pitch.

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Vitinha transfer fee and news

vitinha transfer fee and news

From Porto to PSG (£37.35M)

In July of season 2022/23, PSG officially completed the procedures to recruit midfielder Vitinha to firmly strengthen their squad. Receiving consensus, the current former Porto star has become one of the rookies of the defending champion of Ligue 1 this season. In addition, the contract is valid until 2027.

In this era, prominent contracts on the football transfer market attracted a lot of attention, especially for a young player born in 2000. Vitinha received a transfer fee of £37.35M in this deal. This can be a generous level from the black-gold club to encourage Vitinha’s efforts as well as put faith in rookies at present.

Officially joined PSG FC

In Vitinha transfer news, the signing of the Portuguese player under the Director of Football Luis Campos opens up the promise of the future of PSG. Because he has had admirable performances with professional skills, handling top-notch situations. It’s not by chance that the name Vitinha is always accompanied by hot-hit transfer news.

Typically last season, Vitinha greatly contributed to Porto’s championship (national championship and Portuguese National Cup) with 47 appearances, contributing 4 goals. Moreover, the player born in 2000 has also fought in the harsh Premier League at two clubs Wolverhampton and “wolf pack”, but still has not much experience. Hopefully, Vitinha will not only become a successful transfer shortly but also help PSG achieve certain titles.

Vitinha transfer fee history

Looking back on Vitinha’s career journey, his transfer fee history starts from the toddler stages in loan form to low to high recruiting levels. Check out the details in the picture below!

Vitinha transfer fee history

As can be seen, the journey to affirm the name has improved through each tournament. The most obvious example is in the different seasons. In 2007, Vitinha started her football career in Povoa Lanhoso. Following that, in 2011, he fell in love with the Porto club and continuously made transfers to consolidate his experience and ability at different clubs.

Other PSG players:

Porto ( 2011-2022)


Porto is the first club mounted in the history transfer of Vitinha. He has been associated with Porto for a long time (2011-2022). This is the “ cornerstone” of him that has grown up at tournaments from youth club to senior club. Throughout the loan season, the Portuguese player gradually showed his ability to be suitable for the English Premier League. That’s why, from a midfielder who plays as a substitute for the team to an official player in the first team in 2020.

At this time, Vitinha also created a great buzz in Porto with a domestic double: league and national cup in the season 2021/22. Notably, the new player in the news of PSG achieved achievements with 4 goals and 5 assists in the central midfield position of the squad.

Wolverhampton Wanderers (loan)


At any opportunity, Vitinha always devotes his youth on the field to the teammates to whom he is attached. Wolverhampton Wanderers are no exception. This is the club to which he was transferred on loan from Porto for the 2020–2021 season. But the Portuguese midfielder’s time was only in that one season. Coming to Wanderers, the rookie on the PSG’s 2022/23 summer news also has a Chorley goal.

Vitinha transfer fee and news have been specified in the article above. Hopefully, in the future here, the Portuguese midfielder will maintain his form and perform as best as possible. If you are interested in talented players in modern football then follow us at Transfer in football to see other admirable signings.

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