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Wan Bissaka transfer fee: The journey to be a best defender

Wan Bissaka transfer fee

Wan Bissaka transfer fee: A talented right-back among the top in the Premier League with his rare qualities, he is believed to become the number-one defender in the Premier League. Follow the article on Aaron Wan Bissaka transfer news and fee to learn more about this.

General introduction about Wan Bissaka

 In today’s news about Manchester United transfer let’s talk about Aaron Wan-Bissaka!

Aaron Wan-Bissaka (born 26 November 1997) is a Congolese professional footballer who plays as a right-back for Manchester United Football Club and the England national team.

Agile, enthusiastic and brave are what Manucian Aaron Wan Bissaka is. Experts rate him as one of the most comprehensive full-backs in the Premier League, but he still has many limitations to overcome. Stand behind and let the opponent exploit.

The strength of the Congolese player is the famous tackle. Wan-Bissaka’s successful tackle rate is among the top in the English Premier League, and the ability to contest and tackle is also a strong point of the 24-year-old. This is proven in the confrontation with Man City, he caught Raheem Sterling himself in MU’s 2-0 victory over their great rival last season. In addition, speed and dribbling ability are also Wan-Bissaka’s strong points.

Wan Bissaka transfer fee and news

In the summer of 2019, MU successfully recruited right-back Wan-Bissaka from Crystal Palace. This is a real blockbuster contract, it is known that Man Utd must spend £45 million on transfer fees and some extra clauses can increase the Wan Bissaka transfer fee to £50 million.

Wan Bissaka transfer fee and news

In the 2020 season, Wan-Bissaka gives United a solid defense thanks to his ability to always anticipate potential dangers and be able to tackle them without turning his back. It shows Wan-Bissaka’s ability to read the game better than his role as a fixer.

Instead of a five-year contract, Wan-Bissaka’s time at the club could end this summer. Wan-Bissaka has had a bad season and now it looks like he will be worth a fraction of that fee in the market. That would certainly reflect his setback.

After United recently blocked requests for the 24-year-old, his agent is said to have proposed a new long-term contract. However, the club is reluctant to make any decisions before Ten Hag rules out their underperforming squad in pre-season.

Crystal Palace has been linked with a re-signing of Wan-Bissaka, but his attractive salary means even a loan deal is difficult to negotiate. 

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Aaron Wan-Bissaka transfer fee history

Crystal Palace

Wan Bissaka transfer fee history

He started his playing career at the age of 11 when he joined the youth academy of Crystal Palace club. Here, he was evaluated by the coaches as having natural talent but a somewhat shy and modest personality.

In 2016, he officially signed a contract to become a professional player with Crystal Palace and began to collide in reality with the professional football environment. At that time he was assigned to play as a winger, but after a while, coach Frank De Boer pulled him to play lower at right-back, the reason was that he felt Wan-Bissaka had very good defensive qualities and moreover, the right midfield position at Crystal Palace was quite cramped at that time.

After a period of training at the Crystal Palace U23 team, he was officially introduced to the Selhurst Park team in the 0-1 defeat against Tottenham. However, for most of the rest of the season, the 24-year-old showed his best qualities when playing very well, helping the London team complete the task. stay in the Premier League.

Entering the new 2018-19 season, he became an indispensable pillar in Crystal Palace’s defense and won the title of Player of the Month 4 times. Of course, Crystal Palace’s Player of the Season award was also named Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

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How much did Wan Bissaka move to Manchester United for?

Wan Bissaka transfer fee at Manchester United

As the best player at Crystal Palace last season, the player became a Hot name in the summer transfer market in 2019. There are many big teams ready to roll out the red carpet to bring back the right-back of the home team Selhurst Park and the winner is Manchester United which spent £50 million on Wan Bissaka transfer fee.

In his first season with Man United, Wan-Bissaka automatically started at Old Trafford. He brings peace of mind to Manchester United fans with his passionate football and solid defense with famous tackles.

During his first two seasons at MU, he played most of the important matches. In total, he has made 71 appearances for Man United in the Premier League arena and scored 2 goals so far. However, there is still a lot of work that Wan Bissaka needs to do to move toward the best right-back position in the Premier League.

There is still much that the Congolese player needs to prove to his fans that the faith they place in him is correct. Hopefully, Wan Bissaka will keep up the form to be able to contribute to conquering the first titles at Manchester United. Get updated on this player at the website transfer in football.

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