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Why did Ronaldo leave Man United?

why did ronaldo leave man u

Besides the speculation about Ronaldo’s next stop. The question of why did Ronaldo leave Man United is also making fans debate. So what is the reality?

Let’s find out with Manchester United transfer news today!

Why did Ronaldo leave Manchester United?

In the early stages of playing for MU (from 2003 to 2009), Ronaldo won three awards from the Premier League, one from the Champions League, and several other titles, with great success. But this comeback, he is in the mood for the first time in his peak career not to play the Champions League. At the age of 37, the time for CR7 is very little.

Man United not only experienced 5 empty-handed seasons but also many times showed a not-so-serious attitude, in contrast to CR7’s efforts on the field. In addition, the delay in this summer’s transfer window made the new leadership of Man United seriously lose points, unable to make Ronaldo optimistic.

Manchester United is determined not to sell Ronaldo at any cost, that is the current opinion of the team. CR7 still has 1 year of contract left and can even use a 1-year self-activation clause. If he wants to go but MU does not sell, CR7 will not be able to go anywhere.

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Whether other teams want to own Ronaldo?

why did ronaldo leave man u?

Although we are talking about why did Ronaldo leaves Man U, it is impossible not to mention whether other teams want to own Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo is 37 years old and his scoring performance has decreased compared to his peak, last season, this superstar still ranked 3rd in the list of goalscorers in the Premier League (18 goals). Three seasons ago playing for Juventus, Ronaldo also scored a lot of goals in Serie A (28, 37, and 36).

Thanks to his living, eating, and training good habits, Ronaldo rarely gets injured. In the last 2 seasons, he only took 19 days off for this reason.

Up to now, Bayern Munich has said it has no contact with Ronaldo about a transfer. Thus, among the rumored clubs, Chelsea emerged as the most ideal destination. The fact that CR7 wants to leave the team at this time is a real shock when Ten Hag still has no notable new name. In the context that Haaland has come to Man City, Nunez has worn a Liverpool shirt, and Ronaldo does not see a big enough action at Man United.

If Ronaldo’s ambition is the Champions League, Europe’s top big teams like Real Madrid (the defending champion) have been able to pick up Tchouameni and Rudiger. With the current squad, Man United has not been able to stand firmly in the Premier League, the Champions League is even further away.

In short,

To answer the question of why did Ronaldo leave Man U, we need only briefly to understand that he felt the urge to win more in the twilight of his career. But Ronaldo understands that he cannot do that at Old Trafford next season. In addition to the above information, follow transferrinfootball.com to update the latest news on the transfer season.

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