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Donnarumma transfer fee & news: Five-year deal of hero PSG FC

Donnarumma transfer fee & news

Donnarumma transfer fee: The former AC Milan player officially joined PSG on 14 Jul 2021. It is known that at that time the Italian goalkeeper also caught the eye of Barcelona but ultimately decided to transfer freely to the black-gold club. Follow the article posted below for details on his transfer news, fees, and more.

General introduction about Donnarumma


In the 2021 summer, Donnarumma is a player known for his mettle play spirit in transfer news. His performances at 3 clubs including the youth team and senior team prove it.

The following is the relevant information as well as the star “keeping the goal” PSG. Stay tuned!

Full name Gianluigi Donnarumma
Date of birth 25 February 1999
Age 23 years old (as of February 2022)
Nationality Italian
Height in centimeters 196
Weight in kilograms 90
Current team Paris Saint-Germain ( PSG)
Position Goalkeeper

Honestly, through the above information about Donnarumma – the goalkeeper of the Paris Saint-Germain team. As known, he is an Italian who began his football career in 2003 with the fledgling club ASD Club Napoli. The full name of this talented goalkeeper is Gianluigi Donnarumma. Currently, the player is 23 years old as of February 2022. He lived with his family during his childhood days in the city of Naples, Italy. Besides, he also has an older brother who also plays in a similar position famously at AC Milan.

Starting training as a young boy at 4 years old, the young player has enough qualities to be among the transfer targets in this era. In particular, Donnarumma also appeared on prominent news sites, but what surprised fans more was his transfer fee. Donnarumma has the advantage of a height of 196 cm and a decisive catch skill. Therefore, his departure on a free transfer made the clubs aim as a “bargain” at the time.

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Donnarumma transfer fee and news

From Milan to PSG (Free)


Donnarumma started a new journey at PSG after the contract was completed. This is a new step in the career of a player born in 1999. He took the position of goalkeeper with Navas in all competitions over the campaign with a 5-year deal.

Currently, Donnarumma is considered to have more potential for development than his teammates. Firstly, in terms of age, he is younger than incumbent PSG keeper Navas, but in terms of skills, each person will have their advantages. Despite coming to PSG in free form, with this form shortly Donnarumma will be recruited by the “giants” with a high fee.

Donnarumma transfer rumors


Gianluigi Donnarumma is one of the top talented goalkeepers in his childhood club Milan. But instead of receiving a transfer fee of more than €0.3M, he came to PSG on a free basis, causing many people to talk about the future. This may be a young player who does not cause much controversy in terms of talent and attitude on the field. Besides DPS, bosses such as Real Madrid and Chelsea wanted to have Italian international Donnarumma at that time.

Other rumors:

Donnarumma transfer fee history

He started his fledgling career in the period 2003-2015. Moreover, the first transfer of the Italian goalkeeper was when he moved from ASD Club Napoli to Milan.

Below are more details!


Despite his playing career up to now, Donnarumma has not had as many transfers as other PSG stars. But he has quite a bit of time in every club. To be fair, he is a player who has the honor of becoming a young player who has had the opportunity to play in major tournaments, such as in Milan, Donnarumma owns the achievements of admirable: the second-youngest goalkeeper ever to debut in series A in the world at the time.

From ASD Club Napoli to AC Milan (€0.3M)

Donnarumma From ASD Club Napoli to AC Milan (€0.3M)

In general, Donnarumma’s career journey in Milan started with news in 2015. He parted ways with ASD Club Napoli at the age of 14, a young age compared to the talent at that time. Officially, in March of the same year, Milan announced a successful contract with a young star. The performance of this goalkeeper in the Serie A 2016/16 season gradually confirmed his talent in the list of the best goalkeepers in the world under the age of 21.

What’s more, Before joining the PSG club, the Italian goalkeeper was one of the great contributors to the Milan club with 88 clean sheets, namely finishing second in Serie A and becoming Supercoppa Italiana in 2016. His name appears most frequently in Milan’s all-time list of all-time players. This outstanding goalkeeper has a very solid form even at this young age.

Overall, the article also clearly stated Donnarumma transfer fee and news. The 23-year-old player’s journey is developing and expects a breakthrough shortly. If you are interested in other attractive deals in the football market, follow us at Transfer in football.

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