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Man City most expensive signings in transfer history

man city most expensive signings

Man City most expensive signings: When it comes to assembling a squad of world-class talents, Manchester City has never shied away from breaking the bank. Over the years, the Premier League giants have made several marquee signings, shattering transfer records and captivating football fans around the globe. In this article, we delve into Man City most expensive signings, showcasing the club’s ambition and financial muscle.

Top 10 among the Man City most expensive signings

Manchester City’s commitment to building a formidable team has seen them acquire some of the game’s finest talents. Let’s take a closer look at the top 10 most valuable signings in the club’s history

Jack Grealish – £100m

man city record signing

In 2021, The Citizens broke the transfer record of English football by recruiting Jack Grealish. With Jack Grealish transfer fee of £100m, he became the top 1 of Man City record signings. The previous season, the midfielder and De Bruyne topped the number of chances created in the Premier League.

Grealish is the preferred choice of coach Guardiola, but he has not contributed significantly in terms of goals and assists.

Kevin De Bruyne – £68.4m

Man City most expensive signings

One of the most expensive contracts in Man City history is Kevin De Bruyne transfer fee. Joining The Citizens in 2015, De Bruyne was the main star of the team under coach Pep Guardiola, especially when David Silva and Sergio Aguero were no longer at their peak and parted ways. As of March 2022, the Belgian midfielder played nearly 300 matches for Man City, scoring 77 goals and providing 115 assists.

De Bruyne holds the Premier League record for assists in a single season (20 times). De Bruyne has been recognized as Man City’s Player of the Year three times, once was the Premier League’s best player of the Year0, and twice received a similar award voted by the PFA.

Ruben Dias – £61m

Man City most expensive signings

Joining the team in 2020 and known as one of Man City most valuable signings, Ruben Dias immediately knocked Laporte out of the squad. Since arriving at the Etihad Stadium, the Portuguese player has been the most used central defender by coach Guardiola.

Even in his first season at the club, Dias was voted Premier League Player of the Year, and Champions League Defender of the Year.

Detail: What needs to be known about Ruben Dias transfer fee and his football career?

Riyad Mahrez – £61m

who is man city most expensive signing

Joining the Etihad Stadium owner from Leicester City in the summer of 2018 for a Man City record signing of £61 million, the Algerian midfielder has enjoyed a relatively successful season. He joined 44 matches in his first season, got 12 goals, and provided 12 assists, helping The Citizens win 3 awards including Premier League, FA Cup, and League Cup.

Mahrez still has reason to be disappointed with his performances. At the end of the season, he often sat on the bench because coach Pep Guardiola preferred Leroy Sane, Bernardo Silva, and Raheem Sterling for two attacking positions. But with undeniable class, Leicester’s inspiration in the great 2016 season will soon prove itself.

Joao Cancelo – £58.5m

Joao Cancelo - £58.5m

The Blues made Cancelo the Man City most expensive right-back signing in the world in 2019. The transfer fee of the Portuguese player then (in money plus Danilo) was confirmed to be 58.5 million pounds.

Cancelo struggled when he first moved to The Citizens, unable to compete for the position with Kyle Walker. However, in the second season, the defender began to become the favorite choice of coach Guardiola thanks to his ability to play as a midfielder. The list of the best full-backs, whether left or right, has Cancelo.

Aymeric Laporte – £58.5m

Aymeric Laporte - £58.5m

Also, a blockbuster recruited by MCFC with the release of the contract (for Bilbao), Laporte had half the 2017/18 season to get used to the Premier League environment. And up to this point, he became the most reliable central defender of the Etihad Stadium team, greatly contributing to the victory of 3 titles a season later.

 And very quickly, his reward was a contract extension for 2 more years, to stay at Man City in the summer of 2025. Laporte possesses the qualities of a top central defender, agile, and strong in the air. and is very good at passing short – perfect for the style of coach Pep Guardiola.

Raheem Sterling – £57m

Raheem Sterling - £57m

Ranked in the top 10 of Man C most expensive signings, Sterling moved to Man City in 2015 and became the most expensive English player of all time at that time. He and Kevin de Bruyne are two players on this list who joined before coach Pep Guardiola. However, the signing of Sterling is said to be a deal made to prepare for the Spanish military leader.

In a Man City shirt, Sterling won the title of Young Player of the Year voted by the PFA Players Association, and the best player of the Year voted by the FWA Sports Journalists Association in the 2018/10 season.

Rodri – £56m

Rodri - £56m

Rodri joined Manchester City in 2019 from Atletico Madrid. Coach Guardiola has turned the midfielder into a new version of Sergio Busquets that he used at Barcelona.

Rodri took a season to integrate and win the trust of the head coach. However, in the most important match – the 2020/21 Champions League final – Rodri had to sit on the bench when coach Guardiola decided not to use a defensive midfielder.

Benjamin Mendy – £52m

Benjamin Mendy - £52m

Benjamin Mendy is a failed deal for The Citizens. The French player never performed as well as he did when he played for Monaco because of injuries. Mendy has had 15 absences for this reason since joining Man City in 2017.

Not only that, but his career is also coming to an end with a prison sentence for sexual assault allegations.

Detail: Don’t miss news about Benjamin Mendy transfer fee & his career

Erling Haaland – £52m

Man City most expensive signings

With Erling Haaland transfer fee of £52m, he became one of the hottest contracts in the summer of 2022. An outstanding name in the list of  Man City’s most expensive signings, with 108 goals contributed in just 88 games for Borussia Dortmund, and 20 goals in just 21 appearances for the national team, Haaland comes to MCFC as a star that any team wants to have in the game. team.

“Blockbuster” Erling Haaland arrives at Manchester City promising a dramatic Premier League title race with “great rival” Liverpool next season when this team has also added Uruguayan striker Darwin Nunez with £85 million.

The Financial Landscape of Expensive Signings

Manchester City’s ambition to dominate both domestically and in European competitions has propelled them to make these substantial investments. These Man City transfer in and out signings represent the club’s determination to assemble a star-studded squad capable of challenging for major honors.

Man City’s ability to make these extravagant signings stems from their financial backing and resources. The club’s ownership and prudent management have allowed them to invest significantly in the transfer market, securing top talents to strengthen their squad.

It is worth noting that transfer fees mentioned here represent the initial amounts and may include additional clauses or add-ons depending on player performance and club achievements.


Manchester City’s most expensive signings highlight the club’s unwavering ambition to assemble a squad capable of achieving success at the highest level. These substantial investments have brought forth remarkable talents who have played pivotal roles in the club’s recent triumphs.

As the summer transfer window approaches and football fans eagerly await new signings and transfer announcements, the world of football continues to evolve. Manchester City’s pursuit of excellence serves as a testament to the ever-changing landscape of the game.

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