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Ander Herrera transfer fee & news: Bonding again with Athletic

Ander Herrera transfer fee

Ander Herrera transfer fee: an interesting deal about the official return of midfielder Herrera from PSG to the “old home” of Athletic Bilbao. What will his future look like once again? Stay tuned for his journey in the 2022/23 season. The following article will clearly explain his transfer news, fees, and more.

General introduction about Ander Herrera

Ander Herrera

Who is Ander Herrera? Honestly, his name is famous for the emergence from the transfer news in the 2022/23 season with a loan transfer.

For more of his overview, follow the details sheet below!

Full name Ander Herrera Agüera
Date of birth 14 August 1989 a
Age 33 years (as of August 2022)
Nationality Spain
Height in centimeters 182
Weight in kilograms 73
Current team Athletic Bilbao
Position Midfielder

The above information said that Ander Herrera is a professional Spanish player. He is playing as a midfielder for the Athletic Bilbao club this season. Returning to San Mame’s field is the turning point again for the young player in his football career. Currently, he is 33 years (as of August 2022). During the period 2011-2022, the talented midfielder went through hot transfers from Athletic to the Red Devils and the most recent return to Athletic.

The recent fee and transfer news of Ander Herrera is something to expect for the Athletic Bilbao home team. Because the Spaniard made a name for himself in the period before 2011-2014 when playing for the Basque team. With his distinct playing style and technique, he was loaned back to the “young” club as a deliberate reunion of the two sides.

Ander Herrera transfer fee and news

The last news: from PSG to Athletic (loan)

Herrera to Athletic

On Aug 27, 2022, the football news 2022/23 season emerged with the news of Ander Herrera officially transferring to the old shirt of Athletic Bilbao club. Besides that, this deal means that he agrees to the contract in the form of a loan with an option to buy it outright in the term of June 2023. Farewell to the beautiful city of Paris, the midfielder has the opportunity to confirm his name at the age of 33 on the field in La Liga 2022/23 with this transfer.

Although considering his current level and experience, the transfer fee is not completely appropriate, maybe this is a signal to help him break through and receive a lot of money shortly at the club where he spent time from 2011-2014 before his £28.85million transferred to United.

The farewell to PSG this time is somewhat nostalgic for the fans because he played an important part in the matches in the previous tournament. But his journey back to Athletic is likely to be even more interesting. According to his share: “Coming back to Athletic Bilbao is a great happiness for me. The challenges and demands here are also great. I look forward to them.”

Ander Herrera transfer rumors


Honestly, midfielder Herrera has non-appeared in just about any game for coach Christophe Galtier’s side this season due to the club offloading some of their squad. He is expected to transfer alongside another central midfielder, Georginio Wijnaldum. It is said that Herrera’s departure is an event for them to reduce the salary fund at Parc des Princes.

Under coach Ernesto Valverde of Bilbao, Herrera also transferred to Paris but did not go so smoothly. This is what makes the deal bring Herrera to a new destination. He faces compensation for ending his contract two years earlier than his original PSG contract. The Spain player has gladly given up 40% of this money so that Athletic didn’t have to pay a transfer fee to ensure that he is not one of the highest earners of the club.

On the scale of comparison, the performance of Ander Herrera in the midfield position under the Red Devils is somewhat more prominent than in PSG. The reason, accompanying United for five seasons, the talented midfielder set the record to win the FA Cup in 2016 and the EFL Cup, and the UEFA Europa League in 2017. But unfortunately, at the age of 32, he faced a trauma injury that caused his performance to go down. At the same time, his name was no longer important in the plan but in return for his departure, his salary was released with a net income of 6 million euros/year.

Ander Herrera transfer fee history

His transfer loan agreements have left many things to ponder. Indeed, the Spanish midfielder is a veteran warrior, but his career has had its ups and downs.


Athletic – £6.75M

When it comes to the first Ander Herrera’s transfer fee is the £6.75M signing contract from Athletic Bilbao. At this time, the Spaniards participated in club tournaments and were seen as the main key to their accomplishments. Typically, 132 appearances are scored by 12 goals with the team. His 2nd reunion at the club is an emotional setting in his senior club career. 

Man Utd – £32.4M

Man Utd Ander Herrera

This was followed by the joining of Ander Herrera in a 2014 contract with the Red Devils – Man Utd. This arrival helped the Spaniard’s career be well-received by the public through his top performance in 177 appearances in all competitions. He increased his number of goals to 19 over his old club when playing for Old Trafford.

Paris SG – free

Herrera free transfer to Paris SG

Transfer to Manchester United, talented midfielder Herrera continues to appear on transfer news with a 5-Year deal with PSG with a free fee. In 2019, the 29-year-old player signed a contract to join the Ligue 1 champions. Herrera’s name was suitable as a replacement for Adrien Rabiot at that time. Because he became popular during the time that he played for Manchester United with his passionate performance and skills on the important pitch.

The above article has shown the news about Ander Herrera’s transfer fee and news. If you’re interested in news about other footballers’ deals, follow us at Transfer in football for more updates.

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