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Real Madrid New Signing: Shaking Up The Transfer Window

Real Madrid New Signings 2022

Real Madrid new signing: Real Madrid – the name evokes an image of a football powerhouse steeped in rich history, a team associated with stellar footballing talents and awe-inspiring performances. The Los Blancos have always been at the epicenter of the football transfer market, with their signings making headlines worldwide. This year is no different. Let’s dive into the latest transfer news and rumours surrounding the new Real Madrid signings for the 2023/24 season.

Overview of Real Madrid transfer summer 2022

With a record amount of up to 260 million euros in surplus, The Whites are expected to spend heavily on the transfer market this summer of 2022. However, according to the information that bongda3s.net has, the leadership of The Whites will not buy established superstars, but will mainly focus on young talents for long-term goals.

With the loss of Mbappe, Real has a large amount of money left over, plus a budget for the 2022 transfer season, so signing a contract with 2 or 3 blockbusters right now is easy for them.

However, the lack of Mbappe has made the Real leadership not too interested in the summer transfer window this year. The maximum amount that The Whites will pay for a contract is likely to be limited to 50 million euros or less. Their goals in the summer transfer window in 2022 have also been determined. The Real Madrid new signing with the young to grow potential to serve long-term plans will be their preference.

So, what’s new with Real Madrid transfer news today? Let’s check it out!

Real Madrid new signing 2022

Player Age From club Transfer fee
Aurelien Tchouameni  22 Monaco €80.00m
Antonio Rudiger  29 Chelsea free transfer

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Aurelien Tchouameni (Monaco)

real madrid new signing


Aurelien Tchouameni is one of the hottest names in the transfer market this summer after a sublime 2021/22 season. He became the first Real Madrid new signing in 2022. The young French talent helped AS Monaco finish in third place to qualify for next season’s Champions League. So far, the 22-year-old midfielder has 95 caps for the Ligue 1 club in the past two and a half years, establishing himself as one of the best young midfielders in Europe.

The interest from Real stems from the fact that they want to replace their aging midfield. With Eduardo Camavinga, and Federico Valverde already in the starting XI and poised to become the next generation of midfield cores, the addition of Tchouameni can help The Whites ensure a seamless and consistent transition. best.

Currently, The Whites have been more successful than PSG and Liverpool in the Aurelien Tchouameni deal. Previously, PSG offered to pay more than The Whites to be able to welcome Aurelien to the same house. Liverpool also expressed their goodwill when connecting directly with the French midfielder’s manager. However, with Aurelien’s resolute attitude, PSG gave up, Liverpool did not prevail and the victory immediately belonged to the club.

Aurelien Tchouameni’s transfer value is only 80 million euros. However, the appearance of extra clauses hastened the cost of “picking up” Real’s Aurelien to 100 million euros. Thus, Aurelien was owned by Los Blancos. The talented French midfielder will officially join The Whites after passing a health test and several relevant legal procedures.

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Antonio Rudiger (Chelsea)

real madrid new signing 2022

Coach Thomas Tuchel has announced that Antonio Rudiger will leave Chelsea at the end of the season on a free transfer. Famous journalist Fabrizio Romano confirmed Real Madrid has a new signing with this midfielder Antonio Rudiger until 2026.

Specifically, Rudiger will sign a 4-year contract with The Whites, with a salary of 10 million euros/season (in the top 5 highest salaries at the Bernabeu). However, the deal will not be officially announced before the end of the current campaign.

In addition to the salary paid to Rudiger, the football club also lost about £ 15 million for the player and his agent. Next season, the player born in 1993 will join David Alaba as the number 1 central defender pair of the Madrid team.

Rudiger has decided to leave Chelsea to put an end to uncertainty over his future. The German center-back once made it a priority to stay at Stamford Bridge, but negotiations for an extension were blocked due to sanctions being imposed on owner Abramovich.

According to experts, Rudiger is a versatile central defender who can play in many positions. So is Tchouameni in midfield? Although he is young, he already has a place on the French national team. Having quality players will help the team become more competitive in the force.”

Real Madrid transfer out 2022

Besides the Real Madrid FC new signings, let’s take a look at players who are out in the 2022 season!

Player Age To club Transfer fee
Gareth Bale 30 LA FC Free Transfer
Isco 34 Sevilla FC Free Transfer
Marcello 32 Olympiacos Free Transfer
Luka Jović 25 Fiorentina Free Transfer
Víctor Chust 22 Cádiz CF £900Th
Takefusa Kubo 21 Real Sociedad £5.85m
Borja Mayoral 25 Getafe
Miguel Gutiérrez 21 Girona
Casemiro 30 Man Utd

Real Madrid News Signing 2023

January Transfer Window

Although Real Madrid is not likely to add any players to the first squad in January, Endrick may still be purchased from Palmeiras soon.

With this week’s € 72 million acquisition of Endrick from Palmeiras, Real Madrid has now completely destroyed the top of the market. He is only sixteen years old. And he won’t be able to join the La Liga team until he becomes eighteen.

The amount matches the Brazilian club’s € 60 million release clause plus further compensation and is comparable to the price at which the Spanish powerhouse acquired Vinicius Junior several years earlier, albeit for less money.

Summer Transfer Window

new real madrid signings

In the latest interview, the head of Real Madrid confirmed that the Joselu transfer deal will be completed early next week, also stating that the 1990-born striker will be the last newcomer for “Los Blancos” this summer.

According to Mr. Perez, Real Madrid has concluded the early summer transfer window of 2023 with 4 new signings: Jude Bellingham (from Dortmund with Jude Bellingham transfer fee of €103m), Fran Garcia (from Vallecano – €5m), Brahim Diaz (returning from loan at Milan), and Joselu (on loan from Espanyol).

On the other hand, they have bid farewell to 4 players: Karim Benzema (moved to Al Ittihad), Eden Hazard (contract terminated), Marco Asensio, and Mariano Diaz (end of contract). This number may increase in the future as “Los Blancos” still intend to offload Jesus Vallejo, Ferland Mendy, and others.

Los Blancos will enter the new season with an attacking line consisting of Vinicius Jr, Rodrygo, Joselu, and Brahim Diaz. Joselu will directly replace Benzema’s position. The 1990-born player has returned to play for Real on a loan contract worth €500,000, with an optional purchase clause valued at €1.5m.

As the season approaches, all eyes will be on how these new Real Madrid signings adapt to the pressure of wearing the famous white shirt. But one thing is for sure: under the guidance of Carlo Ancelotti, the new signings will have the perfect mentor to navigate the challenges of the new season.


As the summer transfer window draws to a close, the Real Madrid new signings signal an exciting time for Los Blancos. These transfers, along with the ongoing football transfer rumours, reflect Real Madrid’s intent to reclaim their position as European champions.

So, whether you are a fan of the Los Blancos or a follower of football in general, keep a close eye on Transfer In Football. You never know – the next big signing may just be around the corner! Real Madrid’s moves in the transfer market promise an exciting season ahead and the chance for these Real Madrid new players to etch their names in the club’s illustrious history. Buckle up for a thrilling ride in the world of football transfers!

Tune in for more updates and dive deeper into the football transfer news today with us. In the constantly changing landscape of football, Transfer In Football is your go-to place for the latest and most accurate transfer news. Stay ahead of the curve, and immerse yourself in the thrill of the beautiful game.

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